7 best short stories - Food

Saki (H.H. Munro), Jack London, Anton Chekhov, Stephen Leacock, Zona Gale, O. Henry, August Nemo: 7 best short stories - Food
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Eating is more than just feeding the body. The time for a meal is the time to unite the community around a table and share. The taste of food can evoke feelings and memories such as longing, joy and contemplation. Knowing this, writers have always used food as a subject in their works, to metaphorize feelings and thoughts.

The critic August Nemo selected seven short stories by great authors who mixed literature and cuisine. Enjoy!

- A Piece of Steak by Jack London

- Gooseberries by Anton Chekhov

- A Dinner by Alexander Kielland

- The New Food by Stephen Leacock

- White Bread by Zona Gale

- Witches' Loaves by O. Henry

- Tea by Saki

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