Animal Athletics

Bodyweight training with Animal Moves based on nature's model

Fabian Allmacher, Eva Foraita: Animal Athletics
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Highly effective functional training – anywhere and at any time!

Animals are born athletes. The massive force of a bear, the running speed of a cheetah or the enormous mobility of a wildcat astonishes us again and again. Animal Athletics is based on these natural, intuitive movement patterns. It allows you to achieve maximum training results and regain your natural motion intelligence without any equipment – just with your body, a little space around you and your 100% focus on yourself.

Certified veterinarian, functional training expert and athletic coach Fabian Allmacher introduces the most important animal moves such as Eagle Wings, Lizard Crawl or Wildcat Push-up and gives numerous practical suggestions on how these can be combined into creative training programs and circuits. You can also call up selected moves and workouts via QR codes, allowing you to quickly and easily download them to your mobile phone. Whether for your own work, in group fitness or personal training, with Animal Athletics you will exceed your personal best and increase your fitness in terms of strength, endurance, speed and explosive strength without much additional effort.

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