Carpentry for Beginners

Things to Make

John Adams: Carpentry for Beginners
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Carpentry for Beginners: Things to Make by John D. Adams.

There is no lack of textbooks telling the amateur carpenter with mathematical exactness just how to make a dovetail joint or a mortise and tenon connection. The beginner has no difficulty in finding ample instruction as to the theory of carpentry, and may read at great length precisely how to hold the hammer or manipulate a plane. With this phase I of the subject the present volume have no concern. It is not expected that those to whom the book is addressed aim to become professional carpenters.

The object of the volume is merely to present as clearly as possible an interesting and practical field to the young craftsman, and this is sufficient for the reason that if the work is made interesting he will soon find out all he needs to know about tools, and if the results are of practical value he will not lack encouragement.

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