Tove Alsterdal: Deep Harbour

Tove Alsterdal: Deep Harbour
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'Death and detection . . . the perfect mix.' The Times

'An excellent page turner . . . the best so far.' 5* reader review

'Nordic noir at its best.' People

As the spring warmth melts the ice, divers search the wreckage at the bottom of the Ångermanland River - but the murdered man they recover was put there much more recently than the historic artefacts they were seeking.

Local Detective Eira Sjödin, newly pregnant and not talking about it, is proud to be put in charge of the investigation - until she discovers the man's identity, and the evidence begins to point towards her own family. As Eira works to piece together the truth from the long-buried evidence and her mother's fragmented memories, she isn't sure she is prepared for the revelations this truth might unleash.

Readers love Tove Alsterdal:

'A brilliant story with a very likeable police detective as the focus of all the twists and turns.' 5* reader review

'Superb. An intricate story which felt very personal.' 5* reader review

'Twists and turns and dead ends galore!' 5* reader review

'I flipping loved it.' 5* reader review

Praise for the High Coast series:

'Dark, disturbing, evocative, and clever.' Chris Whitaker

'Strong characters, a great sense of place and plot twists galore.' Sunday Times Crime Club

'Atmospheric, immersive and utterly compelling.' M. W. Craven

'What a terrific twisting roller-coaster of a thriller.' Peter James

'A tantalising mystery, executed with perfection . . . Tove Alsterdal writes with such intelligence and finesse.' Thomas Enger