S. Baring-Gould: Domitia
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I. The Port of Cenchræa

II. An Ill-Omen

III. Corbulo

IV. There Is No Star

V. The Ship of the Dead

VI. I Do Not Know

VII. The Face of the Dead

VIII. The Sword of the Dead

IX. Sheathed

X. Ubi Felicitas?

XI. The Veils of Ishtar

XII. The Fall of the Veils

XIII. To Rome!

XIV. A Little Supper

XV. The Lectisternium

XVI. In the House of the Actor

XVII. The Saturnalia of 69

XVIII. A Refugee

XIX. The End of Vitellius

XX. Changed Tactics

XXI. The Virgin's Wreath

XXII. Quoniam Tu Caius, Ego Caia!

XXIII. The End of the Day

XXIV. Albanum

XXV. By a Razor

XXVI. Intermezzo

Book II

I. An Appeal

II. The Fish

III. In the 'Insula'

IV. Another Appeal

V. Atrium Vestæ

VI. For the People

VII. 'The Blues Have It!'

VIII. The Lower Stool

IX. Glyceria

X. The Accursed Field

XI. Again: The Sword of Corbulo

XII. The Tablets

XIII. The Hour of Twelve

XIV. In the Tullianum

XV. Drawing to the Light

XVI. An Ecstasy

XVII. Hail, Gladsome Light!