Jules Verne: Five Weeks in a Balloon - Jules Verne

Jules Verne: Five Weeks in a Balloon - Jules Verne
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In April 1882, Dr. Samuel Ferguson, his friend Dick Kennedy and his servant Joe, embarked on an unprecedented journey in Zanzibar: they were going to fly over Africa in a balloon to try a real geographical adventure in the heart of Africa, a then unknown continent. object of all the myths, beliefs and superstitions that will reinforce the tragic dimension of the flight if it does not take place in the right conditions. Without losing the sense of humor, very English, the three adventurers drag us in this intense aerial drama, which constitutes the first of their Extraordinary Journeys. In this series, Jules Verne tries to disseminate in a playful and fun way the latest advances in science and technology, along with a good base of geography and history and large doses of imagination and fantasy, which will give the trips described in his novels their extraordinary character.