Siegfried Freudenfels: Flovely - builds a tree house

Siegfried Freudenfels: Flovely - builds a tree house
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"Flovely Builds a Treehouse" is a free children's book for kids from three to ten. This lovingly written children's book is great for reading aloud and makes a fine bedtime story.

Flovely and her best friends Flirty decide to build a treehouse high up in the big gold oak at their rabbit friends'place. Together the friends plan the project, collect the building material and realize their big dream. Many dear friends like Beaver Bernd or Spuki the Woodpecker help the buidlers to make their plan come true. In the sensitive and cheerful way already known to the readers the author tells the adventurous children's story of the construction of a wonderful treehouse.

Positive character traits like team work and helpfulness are themes in this children's book developed by experienced educators and are conveyed to the children playfully.