H. G. Wells: Complete Novels

H. G. Wells: H. G. Wells: Complete Novels
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In this collection you will find :


-The Time Machine

-The War of the Worlds

-The Invisible Man

-The Island of Doctor Moreau

-The Sleeper Awakes

-A Modern Utopia

-The Wheels of Chance

-The First Men in the Moon

-The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth

-In the Days of the Comet

-Ann Veronica

Short Stories

-Tales of Space and Time

-The Red Room

-The Diamond Maker

-Æpyornis Island

-The Chronic Argonauts

-The Flowering of the Strange Orchid

-The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes

-The History of Mr Polly

The World Set Free

+++ H. G. Wells - Biography