Historical Essays and Studies

John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton: Historical Essays and Studies
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This volume must be regarded not as the support of an existing reputation, or as a bid for the establishment of posthumous renown, but as the record and memorial of a rare and attractive personality. The accurate, insatiable, and broad-minded student is revealed ; the generous champion of a noble cause which has suffered temporary defeat is seen on the field of his eager endeavour in controversy with Popes and Cardinals for the sake of freedom and truth ; and the principles which he brought to the study of history or elicited from his observation of men and affairs throughout the centuries are set forth for all to read.

From the Contents:

Wolsey And The Divorce Of Henry VIII.

The Borgias And Their Latest Historian

Secret History Of Charles II.

The Civil War In America. Its Place In History

The Rise And Fall Of The Mexican Empire

The Causes Of The Franco-Prussian War

... and many more ...