Jed, the Poorhouse Boy

Jr. Horatio Alger: Jed, the Poorhouse Boy
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Mr. and Mrs. Fogson,

The Scranton Poorhouse,

An Exciting Contest,

Jed Secures an Ally,

Mr. Fogson Makes up His Mind,

Fogson's Mistake,

Mr. Fogson is Astonished,

Jed Leaves the Poorhouse,

Jed Reaches Duncan,

Jed's First Appearance on the Stage,

Percy Dixon is Bewildered,

Fogson in Pursuit,

Jed's Luck,

Two Old Acquaintances,

Miss Holbrook, Spinster,

Jed Meets an Old Acquaintance,

Mr. Fogson Receives a Letter,


Jed's Poor Prospects,

Jed Arrives in New York,

Jed Makes Two Calls,

Jed's Bad Luck,

A Startling Discovery,

Without a Penny,

In Search of Employment,

An Intractable Agent,

A Strange Commission,

A Surprise Party,

Jed Entertains an Old Acquaintance,

Jed Returns Good for Evil,

At Bar Harbor,

The Poorhouse Receives Two Visitors,

The Detective,

Mrs. Avery's Story,

"Who Was Jed?"

Jane Gilman,

The Detective Secures an Ally,

Jed Learns Who He Is,

Guy Fenwick's Defeat,