Love Acts & Talks

Abbyan Ali: Love Acts & Talks
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This lyrical poetry collection - Love Acts & Talks- is an inspiring, joyful book. The poems are written in the Somali oral tradition of poetry recitation and singing technique - Gabey. Renowned as a nation of poets – the author's attempt at writing Somali Gabey in the english language has produced a collection of beautiful texts. The verses are truly striking, giving a joyful, organic feeling, with contrasting yet very harmonious textures as they are written with an intelligent, playful and creative use of the english language. It is this lyrical style that lends the poems a depth and allows the reader to consider possible multiple meanings of many of the poems. The poems have strong vibrant messages, a celebration of life. Discusing serious issues like human relations and values, respects of freedoms and rights, including children's rights. But the artistic and simple story-telling design makes it effective to relate to such strong messages in hopeful and inspiring ways.