Mary My Beautiful Beloved - The Seven Words of Mary

Evaristus Chibuzo Asadu: Mary My Beautiful Beloved - The Seven Words of Mary
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If you will be reading through the Bible, you'd easily notice that Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, would always be the perfect example of what it means to listen to the voice of God.


Her docility, purity and openness to the Word are constant qualities we Christians hope to imitate as we journey in life and mature in faith.


But this book invites us, not just to learn from Mary's example, but to also listen to her own words. In seven chapters, the Seven Words of the Blessed Virgin Mary are explained here in a very simple way for easy understanding and application in our daily lives.


They might be very few, compared to those of her Son and his disciples, but they surely form a little map which charts out for us a path of holiness and happiness.


May our Blessed Mother inspire you as you listen to her words, and inspire you to follow her Son Jesus more lovingly each day.


Rev. Fr. John Francis Frederick Manlapig

Parish Priest, Holy Eucharist Parish,

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