Meaner Things

David Anderson: Meaner Things
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Emma ran out on Mike ten years ago when they were students. Since then, their lives have taken opposite paths. Emma lives a luxurious lifestyle amid international big business; Mike has a tiny bachelor suite and a dead-end job in a bookstore. Now Emma has reappeared in Mike’s life and begs his help to bring down a very rich, very bad man - her husband. Mike has one outstanding skill, namely the ability to plan and execute the most difficult heist. Reluctantly, he agrees to reboot his shady talent. In the process he finds new purpose filling his empty life. hey enlist Mike’s old friend Charlie, a gadget geek, to their cause and infiltrate the target building. But despite falling in love with Emma all over again, Mike still doesn’t trust her. Will she betray him a second time? Should he heed Charlie’s suspicions? Can the co-conspirators work together long enough to pull off a heist so complex and dangerous it makes Ocean’s Eleven look like a walk in the park?

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