Negotiating successfully

Negotiating successfully in small and mid-sized M&A transactions

Arnd Allert: Negotiating successfully
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As instruments of strategic company management they have become an indispensable

element of business life: "Mergers and acquisitions", meaning combinations

and takeovers of enterprises or parts of enterprises. How can such

transactions be negotiated in an effective and focused manner? There are extensive

theoretical negotiation models – but how can these be implemented specifically?

This book wants to make a contribution to transferring such theories to

day-to-day M&A negotiation practice. It conveys practical knowledge in order

to make negotiations for the purchase and sale of an enterprise more successful.

The focus is on the area which in Germany accounts for the majority of enterprises:

medium-sized companies. It is addressed to entrepreneurs, attorneys,

auditors and tax advisors as well as all corporate finance professionals who are

involved in negotiation situations. With numerous case studies from consulting

practice, Arnd Allert accomplishes the transfer of theoretical knowledge

to day-to-day practice. In this book, Arnd Allert has compiled his knowledge

from more than one hundred M&A transactions and gives an insight into the

world of M&A consulting which in this comprehensive form so far was almost

impossible to find.

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