On Blasphemy

Tim Jensen, Malena Mangas, Mar Aguilera, Mauro Gatti, Carles Torner, Josep Rom, Enric Ordeix: On Blasphemy
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To what extent could the feelings, beliefs and respect for religious practices of certain groups justify the imposition of limits on the free circulation of ideas and opinions? Or put another way, should there be limits to criticism, parody, derision and rejection when they go against the moral and philosophical system of a religion, or against any of its liturgical practices or events? Freedom of expression guarantees not only the possibility that citizens, taken individually, can spread ideas, thoughts, views and information, but also that, within a particular political and social system, there is a real diversity of views, and any matter of public interest is subject to an open discussion. But when it comes to religion, things get complicated. The Muhammad Cartoons, the Global Map of Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression in the World, Religious Advertising, and Anti-Semitism are some of the issues addressed in this book.