Mathias Lohmer, Heidi Möller: Psychoanalyse in Organisationen

Einführung in die psychodynamische Organisationsberatung

Mathias Lohmer, Heidi Möller: Psychoanalyse in Organisationen
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Freud' s work on cultural theory and 'mass psychology' and his insights into group behaviour and the unconscious relationship between leaders and followers paved the way for fruitful involvement of psychoanalysis in the dynamics and counselling of individuals, groups, and organizations. This introductory textbook shows the ways in which coaching, supervision and organizational counselling, as forms of psychodynamic counselling, can contribute to greater understanding and room for manoeuvre within organizations. The authors vividly illustrate the way in which psychoanalytically oriented consultants and managers can use the basic elements of psychoanalytic working methods in their approach to their work: transference and countertransference, abstinence and containment. This edition also discusses phenomena such as 'new work', agility, life balance, the 'war for talents' and mentalization in counselling.