Burkhard Voß: Psychopharmaka und Drogen

Fakten und Mythen in Frage und Antwort

Burkhard Voß: Psychopharmaka und Drogen
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Do psychotropic drugs change the personality? Do antidepressants make you fat? What do antidepressants and rocket fuel have in common? Will cannabis soon become an approved psychotropic drug? And can medicinal plants such as lavender help with anxiety? This book provides a wealth of facts about psychoactive substances. More than 100 questions and answers describe the triumphant progress of psychoactive drugs and other substances in a way that is easily understood, explaining their modes of action and historical developments, risks and wrong turns & garnished with anecdotes, controversies and fascinating details. Well-founded basic information about psychopharmacology has never before been conveyed so entertainingly.

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