Queen of All the Nightbirds

Craig Wolf: Queen of All the Nightbirds
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Love hurts. Sometimes it kills. When the new girl in school falls for one of their own, Eric and his misfit friends think it’s nothing shy of a miracle. She’s everything any of them could ever have dreamed of. The problem is that she’s everything they have dreamed of. Eric suspects trouble from the start. He wants Doug’s girl in the worst way, and he’s not the only one. And soon he’s visited by bloody images and horrifying dreams. A terrible past that he and his friends have completely forgotten—and that is tied to Rebecca—begins to resurface, and Eric increasingly comes to believe she isn’t human. And neither are her hungers. Soon he will have to learn the difference between love and lust, between fantasy and reality, and the catastrophic cost that must sometimes be paid for failing to know the difference between them. Eric and his friends will learn that sometimes what you desire returns that desire . . . and more. Love has a price. Sometimes the currency is blood.