rüffer&rub visionär / Every Drop Counts

Swimming for the Right to Water

Ernst Bromeis: rüffer&rub visionär / Every Drop Counts
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Water is the foundation of life - for human beings, for animals, for nature in general. Notwithstanding this, access to water is endangered. And this holds true around the world. Causes are pollution, global warming and wasteful use. The result: millions of people are forced each year to flee their homes and become "climate refugees". While this is going on, global corporations are responding to the growing scarcity and hence value of water by purchasing rights to it.

Ernst Bromeis' objective is to make human beings aware of clean water's being finite in quantity. He finds it intolerable that some 880 million people do not have clean water to drink. To change this, Bromeis - who is often called an "ambassador for water" - undertakes spectacular deeds. In 2008, he swam across 200 lakes in Switzerland's canton of Graubünden. In 2014, he swam the entire length of the Rhine - the some 1200 kilometers it traverses between Lago di Dento and its mouth in the North Sea.

Ernst Bromeis' activities and book are intended to encourage humanity to take the steps needed to protect water and to dedicate itself to alleviating the problems facing our society and environment.

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