The End of Complacency

7 Views on the Future of Austria

Hannes Androsch: The End of Complacency
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Since 1945, Austria has presented an incredible success story and has survived the crisis better than most other countries. But such a success story cannot be assumed to continue automatically. Complacency, a reluctance to reform, and a tardiness to increase economic performance threaten to send the country into decline.

Hannes Androsch does not confine his efforts to diagnosing thestatus quo. He seeks to trace the formative influences in the historical development of the Austrian identity, and clearly identifies those forces which have retarded the development of the countries for centuries. These range from an excessive admiration for the provincial political aristocracy, right through to a notoriously difficult relationship with Austria's most outstanding personalities.

Building upon a varied and multi-facetted past, Androsch presents seven arguments which will be material in shaping the future of the country, a future which will be inextricably bound with that of Europe.

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