The Smiling Death Gang

Volume 1

John Anakwenze: The Smiling Death Gang
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The title Smiling Death Gang graphically illustrates the theme and the flavour of this book. A feast for those who thrive on reading about violence, crime, cruelty and totally weird characters; it features a gang of violent criminals who terrorise the citizens of local villages. Allergic to work, they subsist on hanging around the local motor park, touting for tips and looking for opportunities to cause havoc; even going so far as to gate-crash a wedding, steal the guest's handbags and then break up the wedding ceremony, just for the hell of it.

Nwadibia, their leader, ugly as sin, shuffles along the street, constantly plotting ways of exacting revenge against his enemies or torturing the citizenry. Lovers of intrigue and violence grab this one!

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