Vantage Point

A MacNeice Mystery

Scott Thornley: Vantage Point
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The highly anticipated fourth instalment in the critically acclaimed MacNeice Mysteries series finds MacNeice and his team on the hunt for a sophisticated serial killer who draws his inspiration from classic works of art — perfect for fans of Dan Brown’s mysteries with a historical twist.Two bodies have been found in the master bedroom of a mansion in Dundurn’s old-money neighbourhood under the mountain. Howard Terry and his son, Matthew, have both been shot twice in the chest. Under Matthew’s body is a doll with blood-red cotton wadding spilling out of its head. Nearby, a mannequin in a nightshirt lies on its back, with two bullet holes in the chest.On the other side of town, a body is discovered below the Devil’s Punchbowl waterfall. Leaning against an enormous rock is a man in a cotton nightshirt wearing a papier mâché donkey’s head. Two rounds in the chest. Something about the way the bodies have been arranged suggests the murders are connected and triggers a memory in Detective Superintendent MacNeice of an image he saw years before . . .

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